About Stella

rec with Helen

Stella is a ten-year-old singer/songwriter who launched her debut album, “I’m Not a Bunny,” in December of 2014.  The album exceeded everyone’s expectations, selling more than 900 copies, and garnering nominations from Breakout West and The Canadian Folk Music Awards.  Stella was also a finalist in the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition for, ‘I’m Not a Bunny.’

Stella’s second album, ‘Pants on Backwards,’ is set to drop on December 11th, 2016, and includes the band: ‘The Rosie Joyfuls,’ to reflect the increased musical contributions of Stella’s sister, (Sophie Swanson,) and mom, (Karen Pantuso-Swanson.)

Stella was fortunate enough to have Juno winner, Helen Austin, mentor her throughout the creation of both albums.  Helen gave advice on songwriting, then recorded and produced the albums.  Stella has such admiration for Helen that she dedicated her first album to her!

Stella and The Rosie Joyfuls collaborated on all of the original songs on the second album.  Typically, Stella and eight-year-old Sophie create catchy little tunes when they’re playing together, and then Karen records the song ideas so that they’re not forgotten!  Later, they all listen to the snippets of songs and turn some of the catchy hooks into full songs!  Stella and Sophie are both home-schooled, and they are able to build a lot of music into their days.  They all enjoy the songwriting process.






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