Monthly Archives: November 2014

Road Trip!

Last Spring, we took a road trip to Tofino and wrote this little song together.  Unbeknownst to us, this would be the final trip that our car would make!  The Trooper died two weeks later!  Sophie plays a big part in this song with her vocals during the bridge, her backing vocals on the chorus and her fabulous kazoo playing!  Let’s hear it for Sophie Joy!  Woo hoo!

Ba Buddha

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Stella would like to share another track with you this weekend.  This one is called, ‘Ba Buddha!’  Stella just started singing the chorus one day while she was running around in the back yard, playing with her sister and her pet rabbit.

The hook was so catchy that everyone in the family started singing it, so we all got together and helped Stella write the verses.  Stella really does love to sing everywhere, all the time!  We hope you enjoy it!

Coming soon…

Thanks for stopping by the website of eight-year-old singer/songwriter Stella Swanson!

Stella has just finished recording her first album called, “I’m Not a Bunny!”  The album has nine tracks and was produced by the Juno award-winning Helen Austin!

We’ll be announcing Stella’s album launch date soon, as well as providing details about how to get your copy of her tunes.

See you soon!